Gold Pink, Pinkish Gold in 2016: Fashion Trends and News

Gold pink, the perfect mix for a shimmering iridescent pink tones and outfits, fashion color of spring-summer 2016

Among the fashion trends of spring-summer 2016 figure definitely the gold pink, gold that comes in shades of pink, ready to ensure iridescent reflections and a shimmering, perfect for those who like to enhance the look with clothes, accessories such as jewelry, belts, sunglasses, gold and pink accents that will populate even tank tops and shirts, skirts and mini dress at the last cry , bags like clutch or maxi bags and watches, often accompanied by rhinestones and sequins. And who is wondering why betting on pink standing gilt, the answer is soon date: If the gold alone can give elegance and refinement to the look, the gold pink manages to make clothes, shoes and accessories a touch of etiquette and sobriety.

Gold pink in fashion 2016: shoes, clothes, bags and various fashion accessories available in rose gold

Fashion accessories, like belts, sunglasses, watches, handbags, clutch or clutch with Golden shoulder as pretty to wear for an important occasion or to turn the look day or night or even during an outing with her friends; sneakers from taste distinctly sporty chic, décolleté highlighted by rhinestones or sequins among the pink and gold or even mobile covers up to go to the hair look: the rose gold confirms among most popular shades of the moment.

New trends in terms of style report to focus on the Golden blended with the pink or with other shades for a look that is less “heavy” but decidedly more sober, original, lively and why not “complete” why gold, in addition to invoking the scorching summer is able to replace a jewel or precious, giving that wonderful light even to dress more “off”.

In this regard, we cannot forget the belts in this shade or just in gold (or even bronze or silver): in addition to emphasizing the waist, put even more emphasis on the dress or shirt, creating a play of color and light that will not pass unnoticed.

The outfit for each morning wedding dress: the gold pink conquers all!

Platinum, gold, yellow and Rose Quartz are the nuance “glistening” that will capture this summer all women who aim to look spirited and sparkling and that with a touch of gold, aim to turn on summer nights. The tanks will be studded with Rhinestones and sequins pinkish-gold (which unlike the previous years, will no longer be considered a mere detail eye-catching), while jewelry and valuables of all kinds, from bracelets to earrings up to necklaces are available in gold or will have that aura pink ready to express a sober elegance, ever austere and strict.

Finally, we can’t forget what has already been spotted by the fashion victims in major fashion atelier dedicated to wedding dresses: do any of you next to the fateful “Yes” will have glimpsed romantic wedding dresses and glamorous, graceful in their shades of pink and gold, aimed at giving the figure an original, innovative and princely touch: gold, gold, precious decorations-pink rosé shades for the dress , shoes and other precious accessories (even for the bridesmaids). And the gold pink may be chosen as nuance for the decorations, the placeholders and to treat the full location of the ceremony.

Gold love and conquest: is that detail or that shade of the dress that makes the dress that makes the difference. And pink and gold form a winning combination, don’t you think?