Gipsy Fashion: the Outfits Inspired by Gypsy Women with a Vintage Touch

G ispy is synonymous with freedom, and we women love to escape from reality and live without limits, look this is not always possible even if the trends of the last year mark the great return to nomadic style. Some of the heads of inspiration gispy are the maxi skirts, dresses, trousers that leave my legs free to breathe, the fabrics used are different depending on the seasons but the password is always the same color. Ethnic patterns and floral notes chase each other and you sneak on curves, making women who choose the style gispy incredibly unique.

Fashion gispy responds to the need of levity, forget even hair in queues and bon ton bun, braid them and have some fun to set them free, but do not overdo it because Gypsy style to that hippie is a short step. Different cultures and traditions come together in a harmonious mix, a trend that continues to renew itself and which has fascinated the fashion addicted. From vintage markets prêt-à-porter catwalks is a short step, though the success of the style gispy is due to celebs. The first to carry the nomadic tendency to prominence was Sienna Miller who in 2004 showed off an enviable look at Glanstonbury Festival followed by Kate Moss style icon gispy. Even stars like Paris Hilton and Kylie Minogue prefer long dresses with waist belt, and blue.

In your closet there are clothes for nomad? You still have time to take advantage of the latest sales and bring low-cost brands wardrobe gispy appreciated like H & M, Zara and Stradivarius reserve always some surprise. However you must be very careful not to overdo the gispytudine can be contagious, to be always at the top and not make mistakes when it’s hot and when temperatures are lower. We begin immediately with the summer tips, definitely “Yes” to also flounced skirts worn with crocheted crop top, top with shoulder pads falling maliciously on the shoulder and even shorts with tank tops, oversized tops and big t-Sai. As for the shoes style gispy expects flat sandals or straw wedge and timeless espadrilles.

In winter you prefer the waistcoat, as those wearing Johnny Depp, “pirate of Caribbean” has always been a style icon and we can take a cue from her looks steal just the head that is most fond of. It can also be wool, soft and warm, ideal for cooler days, to be worn with a shirt and a long skirt. A little tip that goes from stylish issues, if it rains you can’t very well risk of getting soaked from head to toe, fortunately the trend gispy also includes perfect skinny jeans with oversized sweaters, knit capes in warmer colors, and finally the boots. The color is dark brown, leather or is there who dares even in summer, but in winter you can try the combinations gispy with leggings, opaque tights and skirt.