Fred Perry, Collection Spring-Summer 2008 Womens

As already mentioned in the previous post where reviewed the new collection of Fred Perry for spring summer, there is also a section for women. While brand has always been associated more with the male line, It does not leave out an audience potential and very interested in good clothes.

For this new season famous tennis player mark wants to dress the women with uniform and smooth tones, where prevail the reds and blacks. The men also we have had to see how the different garments became increasingly dark, giving priority to the Black above any of the colors.

I don’t know what this preference should be for the shades off by the British brand, but are more specific times as winter and autumn, rather than summer and spring, where one want to remove the more colourful your costume.

So we have different models of dresses with the only ally of a at least white or yellow on the lines of the neck, the laurel wreath that has the mark as a symbol or even the buttons. One piece dresses, short, without reaching the knees like these. Also a combination of a skirt with the typical buttons of Fred Perry jacket.

Also looking for another range of greys and whites, the combination in designs of squares small, as the jacket shown below or the tight skirt on the right. The Polo This model teaches another model of combination of lines. While some prefer the look of the left Pirates also adjusted.

The other main color for this season is the Red, and not any one, but the Red passion, getting some clothes very striking. Both used it in Monkeys, as the left, as in the short dress right, adorned with a one-piece row of buttons in the middle and the edge of the dress in black. The mixture of red and black It is very typical in groups as the mods o Indies, where Fred Perry enjoys great success.

Also introduces the Rosa like color of your clothes, although in minor way. Using it in a very simple, sleek design and Crown white pole and then in dresses, sweaters and shirts. Returns to bet by the pictures pirates, very suitable for this time or by more traditional designs as the right model has.

Other models where it is abundant the rose is in the short dress varies the neckline, ending in a pronounced peak, without more than a soft pink color. Meanwhile, offers a highly effective combination between the Bubblegum pink of the sweater and a nice White skirt, also accompanied by a Pink Plaid Shirt.

Finally, it shows us new ones outerwear for halftime, although we hope that this summer comes out hot. Both in a Red passion very striking, well in short jacket, or in a beautiful long raincoat. Combined again with the Black.

A line very neat and Fred Perry brand within what we are accustomed. For next time, I will review the new footwear and then new English designer clothing.

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