Double Play: Unisex Style Playing with Androgynous Shapes and Women’s Fashions

Men’s shirts and trousers, bow tie as accessories combined with romantic jewelry, lace-ups and bermuda. This is the new style unisex perfect for a job interview or for the discussion of the thesis. The colors are black and white, to match an outfit for self-respecting style unisex white cotton shirt provides to put in the black pants. Under the collar you can tie a scarf like a bow tie, while for best focus on lace-up shoes. Also for the next spring-summer 2016 there are proposals from the big fashion houses. Flipping through fashion magazines women were amazed by a complete Emporio Armani shirt and trousers and leather and canvas lace-up shoes by Stuart Weitzaman. If your budget is tight you can always try to consider your boss in one of the low cost, quality is not the same, but “the style unisex remains”. And now after this little Pearl of style we propose another look very interesting.

Liu Jo jeans instead proposed the white blouse with polka dots with the bermuda of Blumarine. If you’re lucky enough to have slim and slender legs wear striped knee of Gallo, finally completed the outfit with Black Leather derby gardens. This year the style unisex can count on very fine garments, to mix with each other, in fact instead of bermuda can be worn soft wide pants that slip by Michael Kors Collection. To be truly unisex don’t forget the accessories, in this case over the belt, it is crucial the hat made of innovative materials respecting traditional forms, such as Kreisicouture. Much more formal Pink that has decided to focus on the pinstriped, revised for the occasion. The shirt and pants seem almost a jumpsuit, but the pluses are given bracelets to use to stop the sleeves and the long pearl necklaces, synonymous with femininity.

By switching to a less sophisticated look here we find Zara who decided to revolutionize the concept of fashion unisex. The clothing chain has developed a new line can satisfy the tastes of both sexes, and yet the web has broken out the rebellion. Filed the concept of unisex, becomes more and more space to agender — neutral leaders. The Zara line inspired by this principle is called Ungendered and includes sweaters, jeans, sweaters and tops. Surely the provocation of the brand was very strong but we cannot help but point out that the female form are different from those for men, that’s because in recent times we have seen a return of curves. We tried to wear a suit, but not being high, much less skinny, we had some problems. Designers always play with colors, textures and shapes just to make fashion accessible to everyone and eliminate that gap between men and women who fail to wear their clothes and would be happier in those unisex. Vivienne Westwood, Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Pitti Uomo, 70 years following the trend, so to Zara is a provocation and not a revolution. Also object to the fact that the line is too neutral, colors and perhaps should aspire to be the coolest, because if the proposal remains unchanged we can only say: W 90 ‘s Overalls!