Crochet Garments in Fashion 2016: Hook Becomes XXL

Crochet garments in the fashion women 2016: crop top, jumpsuit and even crochet shoes and clothes!

The2016 Summer is approaching and with it the desire of sea and the desire to wear fresh clothes, light, without sacrificing, at latest fashion trends that according to recently was spotted in international fashion catwalks, report the return of crochet garments. Especially the hook, one of the oldest known knitting techniques, is one of the most popular trends for its versatility. Dresses, shirts, vests and even swimsuits so produced can be matched to the most different fabrics, from denim to linen and it lends itself to different occasions, from party with friends to stroll downtown! Even the bags are crochet, as well as the funny hats to wear at the beach for a look that is enviable. Let’s find out more.

Crochet hook and crochet inserts for clothes 2016

Crochet garments that set the trends. The 2016 relaunches hook, a technique through which you can create clothing such as tops, hats and even shoes or even decorating accessories, com and centerpieces, bedspread and wonderful tablecloths. Let us dwell, therefore, on clothing, to discover the coolest heads.

This year, the chiefs crochet you re-invent: we find this technique associated with fringe or rows. But still. In addition to classic clothes in solid colors, you can also opt for dresses made of contrasting colors or colorful and original details. But that’s not all. You can also opt for tops, tank tops and t-shirts bearing crochet working only in certain applications: a popular shirts and skirts, tops and crop top-dimensional flowers crochet and patterns are machined ready to give vibrancy to the outfit!

The crochet trend: shoes, bags and more

Crochet garments, in spring and summer, we are ready to go for romance. Hook brings to mind distant memories but treasured in the heart of all: this technique, very often, we were taught by our beloved grandmothers and it’s always a pleasure to wear costumes, shoes or clothing style crochet!

The crochet trend has won several fashion accessories, such as the already mentioned bags, especially those to “backpack” and even shoes: we’re sure some of you already have the cushy espadrilles with crochet motifs or canvas sneakers with lovely embroidery crochet! Among the boutiques of downtown is also not difficult to catch a glimpse of long or short dresses, such as the little black dress, knit or finely worked in geometric patterns, such as tiles and diamonds.

Crochet garments and Bohemian look

New this year, however, is that the crochet threads become XXL, extralarge: practical, comfortable, versatile and lightweight. So we find ponchos and capes cheeky you can match, fresh reviving them, dresses or still remain the crochet top, already glimpsed last summer leaving the belly: top mini crochet completely, they can be easily be matched with jeans, shorts and mini skirts!

In addition, you will also find elegant and gracious jumpsuit also in shorts. Among the embroideries we report those flowers and the colors white and beige. Hook, finally, is well suited to look Bohemian and folk, especially if you choose colors like blue and Fuchsia, yellow and lilac and typical patterns of boho chic (graphic themes or patchwork, floral patterns, etc).

What about you? You love the crochet hook and crochet garments?