Common Cause Esprit X Opening Ceremony

Booom! So if that is the surprise of the day: opening ceremony with ESPRIT and brings a capsule collection of 40 partly iconic retreads creations on the market, that of Californian fashion retailer to recall the glory days just in time for the New York Fashion Week. And it looks quite nice: how should it be otherwise, have Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the founder of opening ceremony, long on the flag written, fishing angegraute labels such as Kenzo once and DKNY from the dust cloud. Although we are already believes that ESPRIT must hide no longer behind the other large, so it seems right but always not to want to fold, with the Mission of „ change of image “. Whether this Uberraschungkoop finally tearing around the rudder?

The striking ESPRIT logo, cracker Bon colors, cozy Tracksuits and looks that reminiscent of 80s looks like by Benetton and Oilily, ensure in any case that all characters could be on revival. The special of this liaison? The Unisex capsule collection will be to buy it exclusively in the hotel’s own opening ceremony stores, at Selfridges in London, Tom Greyhound in Paris and I.t.. in Hong Kong. PAH!

According to textile industry Leon and Lim are approached about a stylist at Esprit. Opening ceremony alone sold the collection and strictly limited. The spirit of the capsule line is described in the labels: fresh, colorful, energetic, youthful, democratic. Premieres on September 11 in an after show party the collection at fashion week in New York and is sold through its own shops as well as and over only three retailers worldwide.

The campaign Leon and Lim ensure naturally also flashback moments: that namely reminiscent of cult advertising ESPRIT period.

Priced we should prepare us, by the way, that the collaboration pieces 20 to 30 percent higher than the usual level of ESPRIT are. However, anyone who believes that here it would be a smart Flash in the Pan, which has made the Bill without OC: the cooperation is designed for three seasons and should carefully and built piece by piece, respond to see how the customers. “We interpret the typical ESPRIT parts that we have stockpiled as adolescents in our cabinets, at opening ceremony and as we want to inspire the new generation Esprit.”


All images via textile industry opening ceremony.