Clothes for Women with Curves in The Week of The Fashion of Milan: Elena Miro Spring/Summer 2009

Talk about fashion, or at least, international catwalks, is talking, always and almost by obligation, of thin women. Not because clothing that is present is not suitable for all types of bodies and carvings, which also, but that is another issue, but because play letter of the garments women, tend to be below the normal average.

As I said, the clothes are also made for women within a standard considered sizes, but if the designers wanted and were not as despotic, as for example Mr. Lagerfeld, who said that it didn’t you that your clothes are sold above the size 42, could make a joint effort to break human barriers.

Each one is inspired by the model of a woman who wants to, is clear, and must not do advocacy at all, because There are thin women, neither thin nor too rounded women, and women with excess of curves, on this and on all fronts, so is appreciated, even if it is a little trap, which has artists that are dedicated exclusively to the “ sizes & #8221; and have your website in a circuit of front row and not in a specialized fashion fair. But the only one that has succeeded so far is Elena Miro, an Italian firm that has been active since the 1970s, making interesting clothes for voluptuous women.

For his spring-summer 2009 collection, Elena Miro presents a series of proposals for modern cuts that could be perfectly valid for women with five sizes less; the tissues and the proportions are obviously very maintained, because of what it is we hide what you want to and enhance what you have, all in perspective. You don’t have to hide anything to be nice with a few extra pounds.

You have to know what and how please. Come on, the same thing happening to us all, because contrary to what it may seem, the excessively thin also have their hobbies and problems. And is that each body is a world, and each woman, a universe. In a matter of fashion, finally and after, there are no categories that are worth.

This legendary Italian firm makes elaborate and quality clothing, his suits, his pants, their tops, their bathing suits, and above all, their clothes, are care to detail and are the best choice to not renounce the trends.

It’s funny, because the color palette is very clear, the pastel shades as mauve, the blue, and above all, yellow, they are a constant, the same as whites, black, colour par excellence of those who want to disguise shapes, it is almost non-existent.