Christmas Bets for The Barroco-Casual Touch

Saying so seems a explosive mixture random touching clothing the bad taste. Indeed, can become something more than that which can only serve to make holidays more pleasant to our guests and to be the center of laughter and ridicule of all attendees but ay as get together it properly!!

It is a style that, recently we see more and more in the street and above all the famous and broadly focuses mainly on the joint use of porte casual clothing, as they can be the jeans or the U.S., and put together them with elements of Haute Couture like blazers, jackets, boots, silk scarves… everything properly and without highlight one over the other, in that is the point.

As we have said, the casual point lies primarily in the pants. The most elegant clothes suit with jeans and even some shorts, while the most elegant fall over jackets, blazers, shirts, suits, booties and silk scarves.

And the Baroque touch? Hand materials such as silk or velvet and with details like the flaps in satin. They can become real own 60s horteradas either, if we get that the whole is consistent, in a different, innovative and comfortable look (that there no doubt). Even booties can be substituted, less purist version, for a few sports or a sneakers.