Chanel High Couture Autumn-Winter 2007/08 in Detail

Karl Lagerfeld It has returned to surprise with its collection of Haute Couture for the season Autumn-Winter 2007/08 of Chanel. The curious is that, while never innovate and reinterpreting the classics of the firm, the designer gets to keep a line and give the garments of a strong character, which gives them a radical and easily recognizable personality: the Chanel label.

Certainly Lagerfeld succeeds watching until the last piece of its collections. For this reason, I believe that it is important attend the collection in detail. Above all, taking into account that it’s a winter collection, with lots of extra accessories to cope with the cold: gloves, applique, fascinators, boots, etc.

If you look at the images, you will see the care with which are made even the most (seemingly) insignificant details. I’ll stick with leather pants, finishes at tip to cover the shoe and look like a single piece, such as a boot that is lost under the dress

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