Celebrities on the Red Carpet: An Error and Three Hits Using Tom Ford

One of the crucial moments in an award ceremony with wide media coverage such as the Golden Globe Awards is the passage through the red carpet, there what is at stake is not the talent of the celebrity, and yes its good taste, its elegance and its influence, being that the latter quality guarantees an outfit cool a stylist top without spending a penny.

Celebrities on the Red Carpet An Error and Three Hits Using Tom Ford


Even with all this pressure, consultants of style, all kinds of opinions of the wife and the clothes made by a master of tailoring, some seem to not hit at the time of the spotlight, as was the case of a consecrated director and producer Steven Spielberg: although you wear a suit of one of the most important names of fashion, the fashion designer Tom Ford, Spielberg has sinned in the basic details which give all the class who wears a tuxedo and that have been said here in the Channel men’s in other posts, let’s list them:

– Swapped out the bowtie for a tie normal;
– The suit jacket is with a bit of fabric left over;
– The sleeves are very long and do not let appear a bit of the shirt;
– The bar of the pants is at the wrong time, bunching up on top of the shoes.

The impression we have is that the director picked up this costume in a hurry and not had time to make appropriate adjustments. As for the tie, many consider it to be an option, but in these cases I think the ideal butterfly.

Got it!

Best out of the actor Bradley Cooper, also wearing Tom Ford. The tuxedo is well adjusted to the athletic body of the astro, the length of the sleeve, both the jacket and the shirt are correct, and the bar of the pants was done within the specifications of traditional, with a small portion of the fabric resting on the instep of the foot. Still account the please the the black buttons of the shirt that I love very much and the lapel wide have peaked (pointy) that blends well with the face square to the actor.

Comparing the two images it is clear how these small care at the time of adjust, and wear a suit, costume or tuxedo influence our image and may undermine even the most perfect work of tailoring.