Boards & Clothes: “Bass Cadet Records / Down By Retro” Store-In-Store + Online Shop

My heart belongs today only Etienne Dauta and Laura Le Marchand, two friends from France, whose new Heimat is Berlin. Etienne is the son of a record store owner and vinyl Candide, Laura is fashion girl with smart head and vintage stuff passion.

Together, they are the duo behind BCR/DBR, a store-in-store, who indulges my two favorite cravings with heart and soul. Music and fashion on a single spot to touch, hear and buy.

Tones and dresses to interact rather than to be forever separated, the shop should be more than a pure shopping paradise – instead may occasionally discussed and dreamed, for example on one of the cozy events, since 2013 from time to time in the Bass Cadet records (record) / down by retro (vintage & second hand clothes) double-store take place: “it acts as a platform for the cross pollination of ideas and interaction of scenes”, the two friends say. Yes, it is really.

Of mass-produced goods and sensory overload is also defied, as Laura and Etienne place emphasis on a decent curation of the finer things of in life. Here goes icing of electronic dance music and the especially red cherries of the fashion world. For once but at fair prices – is indeed hardly more accustomed to.

“I love bringing vintage clothes back into contemporary focus. I’m really inspired by English fashion at the moment, Vivienne Westwood in particular. I so love classically chic French brands like APC and YSL, as well as U.S. fashion designers such as Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs. And Jil Sander from Germany, of course.” Laura.

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“In protest against the growing hordes of eBay entrepreneurs who buy limited release records only to resell them later for profit, BCR gets ahead of the game by purchasing and holding back selected vinyl to be resold at original price once they’re sold out. TIS power-to-the-people mentality is a unique offering in Berlin, which helped win over both local and international DJs alike.” Etienne.

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