Beer Luff and Road Trip on Samoa

Go on a unique island trip to Upolu and Savaii in Samoa. Here are beautiful Robinson beaches, fantastic snorkeling, relaxed Pacific atmosphere and the friendliest and most welcoming locals. You have your own rental car throughout your stay and can thus explore fantastic Samoa just as it suits you.

Dream away to a paradise island and you wake up in Samoa. On this trip you will visit the two main islands Upolu and Savaii. There is a ferry between the islands and with your rental car it is easy to explore the two islands on your own. Both islands are covered by mountains and volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls, moist rainforest and beautiful beaches surrounded by fish-rich coral reefs. Out here in the Pacific Ocean, life goes its own way, calm and comfortable where the most important thing is to enjoy the day and life. We have booked overnight stays for you around the islands in small charming “fale” – Samoan bungalows at nice and personal resorts.

Day 1. Departure from Scandinavia

Departure from Scandinavia to Samoa. You make a stopover on the way and can make stops in e.g. Singapore, Sydney, Doha or Auckland. Talk to your Travel Consultant and see what suits you best.

Day 2. Flight, flight, flight

The whole day is spent flying towards Samoa

Day 3. Arrival Apia

You land at the airport in Apa and receive a traditional reception. You pick up the rental car and then drive to Samoan Outrigger where you have two nights. Samoan Outrigger is a small hotel with a relaxed atmosphere not far from the center and beach. It offers free parking and a lovely garden with pool.

Day 4. On your own in Apia

You have the whole day on your own and can explore Samoa’s small capital. (F) Apia is located on the island of Upolu and here you will find the market Maketi Fou where you can taste and buy the local specialties. You can also visit Samoa Cultural Village and learn more about Samoan culture and history. There are nice restaurants and bars around the city. Here in Samoa, 200,000 people live, 40,000 of them in Apia itself.

Day 5. Samoan Outrigger to Satuaitua Beach Fales (87km)

Today your road trip to Samoa starts “for real”. You set course for Mulifanua Wharf and take the ferry to Salelonga Wharf and then continue on to Satuaitua Beach Fales. On the way there are lots of stops at viewpoints and beaches. Satuaitua beach Fales is a small resort on the southwestern part of the island of Savaii. The traditional bungalows are located down to the beautiful beach where, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can also snorkel and surf. The resort is located in a quiet and unspoilt area and is imbued with a pleasant atmosphere, in the cozy restaurant you can enjoy local specialties.

Day 6. Relax at Satuaitua Beach Fales

You have the day on your own to enjoy Satuaitua Beach Fales. With a population of 42,000 people, Savaii is the largest Polynesian island after New Zealand and Tahiti. Even though this is Samoa’s largest island, this is where you can experience real island life and switch down completely. On Savaii there are lots of beautiful white beaches – you should always ask in the village next door and sometimes it costs a penny but it is definitely worth it. There are also bird-rich rainforests, nice little villages. Markets, blowholes, waterfalls, caves and large lava fields. If you are here on a Sunday, it is an experience to put on fine clothes and participate in a service. Snorkeling and diving are also absolutely fantastic and the reefs outside are pristine and there is also the possibility of wreck diving.

Day 7. Satuaitua Beach Fales to Savaiian Hotel (119 km)

Today you continue your journey north on Savaii to the Savaiian Hotel. You can make nice stops along the way. Maybe you see a field where you play kirikiti – the local version of cricket or stop in one of the nice little villages along the way. ( F ) Savaiian Hotel is a very personal and family-run hotel in the small village of Lalomalava. Take a dip in the pool, snorkel by the beach and see the colorful fish by the reef or take a paddle trip with one of the hotel’s kayaks. The hotel’s pleasant bunglows are spread out in the beautiful garden that stretches down to the beach.

Day 8. Relaxation at the Savaiian Hotel

You have the whole day on your own and can either continue exploring the island with your rental car or just relax and take it easy at the hotel. ( F )

Day 9. Savaiian Hotel to Taufua Beach Fales (94 km)

Today you leave the island of Savaii by ferry and return to Upolo. The ferry ride takes about 90 minutes and you then have about 2 hours in the car before then reach Taufua Bach Fales. ( F ) Taufua Beach Fales is located on the southeastern part of the island of Upolu on Lalomanu Beach – known for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific Ocean. This is a true paradise where the cozy bungalows are located in the garden down to the beach. Here you snorkel out to the reef directly from the beach or just have a good time in the soft sand. There are several activities at the hotel such as cultural evenings, fire dancing and traditional Sunday dinner; toónai.

Day 10-13 Relaxation at Taufua Beach Fales

You have wonderful days to enjoy the sun, sea and beach or continue the island of Upolu on. Upolu is much more than just beautiful beaches and lagoons where you can dive, snorkel, canoe and surf. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the rainforest and dramatic waterfalls. Do not miss a swim in the To Sua Ocean Trench – a 30 meter deep, natural pool surrounded by greenery with clear and cooling water.

Day 14. Departure from Apia (63 km)

Then it’s time to leave Samoa – you leave the rental car at the airport. You can either go home to Scandinavia or make a stop on the way in e.g. Australia or Singapore if you so wish.

Day 15. Return to Scandinavia

Overnight stays

Eleven nights at hotel / fale

Beer Luff and Road Trip on Samoa