Beach Outfit In Town – 4 Options To Not Die Of Heat

Are set as thanks to this “heat” of season one virtually wants to walk in Eva suit! Swear them that I can not longer stand the heat! And this just gave me an idea that I want to share with the #FashionFans and I know that my Editor General will love now that already passed between the city and the beach, by the way saluditos to my Editor General Favoritoooo!

That seems an outfit super casual, super relaxed, but at the same time to be functional, we keep cool! Do I is currently the “suuuper trendy” is Black and White, but let’s be realists of truth may be sensitive to go black with this blazing? And then, what happens to all of us, size above 6! Also have the right to not sweat!

That’s why prepare 4 look (one thinking of my favorite Editor! And stating that I am not barbera ehh!) so that they can enjoy the benefits of the Casual Beach in our beautiful but infernally hot City (ups, I think I mean pull to the drama, hehehe).

Look extremely casual, fresh, something “hippioso” yet incredibly comfortable, crave it some converse? I love them!

A look more Pinup, (don’t make case to the trend  swimsuit please, city is not desirable, we avoid lifting pervertidoras looks, lol), I charm the touch of the bag adds color to the style. I love the cut of the neck because so I don’t drown heat

This is dedicated, as it had already said it before, my General favorite Editor! (Edi for friends, so nadamas I!) lol, T-shirt straps with a style very etnic, color contrast, relies on some texture in footwear, and oooobvio its raspeberry make smothie that can not miss!

Last look, two contrasting or strong, vibrant colors or a super look soft, (again not do case of bathing suit if it is to city, for your attention thank you!), very trend wedge heels and also comfortable.

I hope this brief but nutritious article on how not to die of heat liked! By the way, for those that are wondering some similar accessories and footwear items seen here can be found in is a super shopping store cute.

I hope to soon be able to write more articles, if you have any questions, leave your comments, if you have a complaint, also leave a comment and if they don’t have nothing better to do also leave a comment! Jajajaj kidding, guys and girls of truth I love knowing that seem this article,

And now to dismiss me share my philosophy “Live life and enjoy good because otherwise you forget”

Best regards!!!!

Miss Terry Choppe R.