Backpacking in Iceland

Make a road trip to fantastic Iceland in your own rental car. We help you book flights, overnight stays in Reykjavik and car rental, and give advice on itineraries for your Icelandic adventure!

Travel as a backpacker around Iceland by car. You start with two nights in Reykjavik and can then guide the course as it suits you for the next two weeks. In Iceland you will find a wealth of cultural, nature and adventure experiences.

There are many accommodation options along the way around Iceland – maybe camp and camp in tents or book overnight stays at hostels and cozy B & B. For inspiration or advice on routes, overnight stays and excursions, call us and we will help you.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Iceland

Time for departure from your regional airport in Scandinavia to Iceland with arrival the same day. Upon arrival at the airport, pick up your rental car and drive to your hostel in central Reykjavik. Here you have two days on your own.

Day 2: Reykjavik on your own

Reykjavik is called one of Europe’s hottest cities and offers a rich cultural life, lots of concerts, good restaurants and a lively nightlife. It is easy to explore the city and its sights on foot or by bike.

Day 3-13: Road trip on your own

Today, your journey around Iceland begins in earnest as you leave the capital behind you and head out onto the roads. You have your rental car throughout the period so there are plenty of opportunities to experience the country’s varied landscape and diverse culture. Iceland offers a variety of fantastic experiences to try – ride an Icelandic horse, dive or snorkel between the two continental plates, explore glacier caves, go on a whale watching trip, enjoy a dip in the Blue Lagoon or one of the other countless hot springs around the island, drive a snowmobile (depending on season) or enjoy hiking in the wilds of Iceland. Here you can read more about Iceland’s seven regions, each of which offers unique sights and magnificent nature experiences: Reykjanes: The peninsula is a geothermal monster, which you can experience on your bare skin during a visit to the Blue Lagoon. There are also lots of lighthouses, large lava fields and Keflavík International Airport in the area. Eastern Iceland: In Eastern Iceland you will find everything from impressive fjords to inviting fishing villages, fertile valleys, magnificent mountains and Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökul. Southern Iceland: The region offers an incredibly varied nature with glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes, lava beaches and much more. The area is a must to really experience the contrasts in Iceland’s extreme nature. This is also where you can clearly see the boundary between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Central Highlands: Here is an untamed mix of rocky deserts, volcanoes, valleys, hot springs, rugged mountain peaks and ice sheets. It is possible to travel along the mountain roads Kjölur and Sprengisandur during the summer period, on foot or by 4wd. Northern Iceland: In this region there are stately mountains, fjords, wetlands and picturesque villages. Northern Iceland is home to the country’s second largest city, Akureyri, which is located by Iceland’s largest fjord, Eyjafjörður. The university city of Akureyri is rich in culture and history and has a charming center with wooden houses from the 19th century. Western Iceland: Here you can find examples of everything that Iceland has to offer – from dormant volcanoes, majestic waterfalls, fjords, valleys, craters and glaciers, to a rich wildlife. Västfjordarna: In this isolated part of Iceland you are overwhelmed by the raw nature and untouched wilderness. Here is an impressive wildlife with lots of seabirds and mountain foxes. In the steep mountains you can explore small fishing villages.

Day 14: Departure from Keflavik

The rental car is returned at the airport, after which the journey ends with a flight to your regional airport in Scandinavia. You arrive home the same day.

Overnight stays

Two nights in a hostel in Reykjavik.

Backpacking in Iceland