Antalya, Turkey

According to, Antalya is considered by many tourists to be the best Turkish resort. In this Mediterranean city, everything has merged together that can somehow interest its guests and make their vacation in Turkey as pleasant and eventful as possible. Rest in Antalya is a great opportunity to combine a beach holiday and an acquaintance with the ancient heritage of this land.

The beautiful crescent-shaped Antalya Bay is one of the best diving spots in the country. The snow-capped peaks of the Taurus Mountains against the backdrop of an azure sky, picturesque cliffs and coastal caves have formed one of the most fantastic landscapes on the entire Mediterranean coast. The seasons are marked in Antalya only on the calendar, and in fact there are only two seasons: spring and summer. Warm sea, gentle sun and spacious beaches – aren’t these the main components for making your holiday in Antalya pleasantly relaxing?

Modern comfortable hotels of Antalya of various categories, sports complexes and all kinds of outdoor activities, lively nightclubs, bars and restaurants, numerous shops and shopping centers – all this attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world to Antalya.

In the city itself, you can see the ruins of buildings from the eras of the Hittites, Greeks and Romans. And day trips to ancient cities such as Perge, Aspendos, Side, Alanya and Pamukkale will allow you to equally enjoy the beauty of the local nature and the historical heritage of the area.

Whatever your idea of ​​a perfect vacation, hospitable Antalya will turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure, the memories of which will forever remain in your heart.

Excursions from Antalya

Sightseeing tour Free (except lunch)

During this tour you will visit the ancient city of Perge, with a perfectly preserved amphitheater, baths and stadium. Here, according to legend, the Apostle Paul founded one of the first Christian communities in Anatolia. After walking around Perge, you will go to the most picturesque Kursunlu waterfall, located in the national park. A one-day excursion for tourists from Alanya and Side begins with a visit to the Manavgat waterfall. From Manavgat, a comfortable bus will take you to the ancient city of Aspendos, the main attraction of which is a theater that can accommodate 20,000 spectators. After a short walk, lunch in a Turkish restaurant will come in handy. And at the end of the tour you will visit one of the largest shopping centers.

Pamukkale 50$ (children under 6 years old 20$, 6-12 years old 30$)

Pammukale – “Cotton Castle” – this is how the name of this place is translated from Turkish. And that’s why. The waters from the thermal springs, rich in mineral salts, have formed snow-white limestone terraces over the millennia of their existence, which from a distance resemble a fantastic castle. During this tour you can take baths, appreciated by Cleopatra herself, take a fascinating walk through the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, where the Roman emperors came to improve their health. A professional guide will tell you a lot of interesting things about the history of this place, which will leave an indelible impression in your memory. By dinner you will return to the hotel. There is also a two-day excursion to Pamukkale with an overnight stay at a hotel in Pamukkale.

Turkish night 35$ (children under 6 years free, 6-12 years 20$)

Do you want to feel like a sultan? Then this tour is for you. Call on your imagination to help, and you will feel like in a harem. Professional dancers will revive the images of the past with their dance, you will see a real belly dance, and dinner will abound with delicious dishes of Turkish national cuisine and any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks of local production. This wonderful evening will end with a general disco, during which European and Turkish music will sound.

Yacht tour 35 $ (children under 6 years free, 6-12 years 17 $)

We offer to spend time on board the yacht. Visit the islands and cozy bays of the Antalya coast. For those living in Alanya, Side and Belek, a yacht trip along the Manavgat River, famous for its waterfalls and the richest valley, the natural conditions of which allow growing especially delicious fruits. For tourists of Kemer and Antalya, a yacht trip along the coast of Kemer with a visit to the ancient city of Phaselis, whose three harbors are described by the ancient author Strabo, and three uninhabited islands. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters where you can get to know the underwater world of this region.

Rafting 55 $ (children under 6 years free, 6-12 years 27 $)

“Rafting”!? – you say. Yes, yes, and yes again. Because the sensations that you will get while descending on inflatable rafts and canoes along a mountain river will never be erased from your memory. You will rush through the rapids and picturesque gorges in which the Kepruchay river flows. Before the start, the instructor will talk about safety, rules of conduct on the water and the technical methods of driving the boat. In the next 4 hours, even your children will feel completely safe and enjoy the surrounding nature. Approximately in the middle of the way, you will make a halt, during which you will have a hearty lunch with freshly cooked, fresh shish kebab and other dishes of national cuisine. During the passage of the most difficult rapids, professional photographers will take photos that you can purchase at the finish line. Feel like a tamer of the elements.

Aqualand $30 (children under 6 years free, 6-12 years $20)

Join us and you will return to your childhood again. A variety of water attractions will not leave indifferent neither a child nor an adult. Slides and pools, cafes and bars, sun and fun – all this awaits you during this excursion. But do not forget, please, sun cream, it is best to use it on the bus. As for the rest, forget about everything. One day of childhood, joy and fun awaits you. Join now!

Dolphinarium 35$ (children under 6 years old 15$, 6-12 years old 20$)

Your children and, probably, you will be completely delighted with the performance of dolphins and a charming seal in the dolphinarium, located on the territory of Aqualand in Antalya. After the performance, you will be able not only to swim in the pool with the dolphins, but also to purchase paintings drawn by them in their free time.

Jeep safari 40$ (children under 6 years old 5$, 6-12 years old 20$)

You will discover new lands, see monuments of architecture and art, learn how people live in the Turkish outback. But the charm is not only in this. The serpentine road rises uphill, and you find yourself in areas not affected by human activity, with pristine nature and a variety of vegetation. You can test your driving skills in challenging driving conditions in the heart of the Tauros Mountains. Climbing up to the beautiful trout ponds, you will stop for lunch and taste the fish caught and cooked in the best Turkish traditions right before your eyes. After lunch, your journey will continue along rocky plateaus and ford through mountain rivers. Bon voyage, the cars are waiting.


Alanya is a small town located in a picturesque bay, protected by an ancient fortress, preserved from the time of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat, and which served as a base for Cilician pirates who made their raids from the area. During a short boat trip you will see Cleopatra Beach – one of the widest beaches on the Antalya coast, and the cave of lovers you saw will not leave you indifferent. During a picnic on the banks of the Dimchae River, you can taste dishes of Turkish national cuisine.

Kekova and Lycian Myra 35$ (children under 6 years free, 6-12 years 20$)

We offer one of the most interesting historical excursions, where you will visit the ancient city of Myra, founded in the 5th century BC. As a reminder of Mir’s brilliant past, the rock tombs of the era of the Lycian Union and the Greco-Roman theater have been preserved. Until his death in 325, St. Nicholas, known to many under the name of Santa Claus, preached Christianity in this city, despite persecution by the Roman authorities. The second part of the tour will take place on board the yacht, which will take you to the island of Kekova. The waters washing it hide the ruins of ancient settlements, destroyed and plunged into the abyss during one of the earthquakes. Swimming in the clear waters, you may accidentally touch the Lycian sarcophagus, which, like a magical vision, appears on the surface of the sea.

Cappadocia 75$ (children under 6 years old 30$, 6-12 years old 50$)

An interesting excursion to Cappadocia will help you plunge into the history of ancient Turkey. You will find yourself in the mysterious world of antiquity, covered with a veil of legends, enjoy the beauties of nature, taste local wines prepared according to traditional old recipes. You can visit the Yahlara Canyon, the 7-storey underground cities of Derinkoy and Kaymakli, as well as the city-museum of Gorem.

Paintball – adrenaline game $35 (children under 12 $35)

Get to know the sports game of the new age “Paintball”. In the process of exciting game and continuous movement, taking out your opponents with a safe weapon that paints paint, you will experience incomparable excitement, and this exciting adventure will remain in your memory forever.

Scuba diving $65 (children 8-12 $45)

A great opportunity for both professionals and beginners to dive into the depths of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and admire the beauty of the underwater world.

Fishing $45 (children under 6 years free, 6-12 years $25)

Fishing is an activity no less exciting than scuba diving. For people who understand this, and if you don’t mind catching “such a fish”, we will help you.
Going out to sea early in the morning on a yacht, where there is everything for fishing and you don’t have to worry about anything except how to catch a “goldfish”, which will then be fried for you and you can eat it, if you, of course, want to.

Antalya, Turkey