Addicted to Shopping, How to Detect It and Avoid It

Are you addicted to shopping? As much aschocolate?

Addicted to Shopping, How to Detect It and Avoid It

The addiction can be a very subjective term. But what is clear is that being addicted to shoppingis a problem that is spreading a lot in recent years.

What Does It Mean to Be Addicted to Shopping?

A person addicted to shopping or shopaholic, is one who can not avoid entering a store with discounts that sees in each offer a need and in each showcase a shorter path to happiness.

Shopaholic is the term that describes a person who is considered to be addicted to shopping. It is linked to Compulsive Purchasing Disorder, which is characterized by an obsession to buy, causing adverse consequences. It is considered that 80% of people affected by this disorder arewomen . According to social psychology, thepurchase excessive and uncontrolled consumer goods, can be understood as a form of search for identity through material goods.

How Do You Know If You Are Addicted to Shopping?

To know if you are a shopaholic or  shoppingaddict answers the following questions:

Should you hide the purchases you make from your family?

Do you notice that money does not reach you and you feel sad because you can not keep buying?

Are you constantly thinking about what you are going to buy and how you are going to act on that purchase?

If you see a store with discounts you can not avoid buying something, even if you do not really need it?

Do you have garments in your closet that you have not used more than twice or are still brand new because you have not had time to use them?

Do you usually buy new products (such as cosmetics) intrigued by its components, even if at home you have similar products, which serve the same function?

Do you see promotions as a way to save money?

Do you spend more than you earn by using credit cards?

Do you see a way to earn status in shopping?

If you have answered more than 6 questions in the  affirmative, you may be experiencing a Compulsive Shopping Disorder, a condition that you can treat with the help of aprofessional.

According to the Daily 20 Minutes: Increased compulsive shopping, a disorder that affects 7% of the population. Read News from the Daily 20 Minutes

Steps to Stop Being A Shopping Addict

#1 Distinguish between Desire and Need|Stop Being A Shopping Addict

First of all, you must learn to distinguishbetween these two human impulses to guide your buying behavior. If you do not make this differentiation it is very likely impossible to get out of compulsive behavior when buying.

#2 Rate the Purchase|Stop Being A Shopping Addict

You must try to think how much this new purchase will bring to your life, if it is an articlethat will really satisfy a need, or if rather it is elements that will thicken the list of  almost newclothes that make each time your closet has Less space.

#3 Avoid Marketing Culture | Stop Being A Shopping Addict

It is clear that the consumer society is directed to the purchase and accumulation of goods and services considered non-essential. The fact that there are innumerable commercials promising endless benefits, does not mean that we are obliged to purchase the products they promote. Try to stay away from misleading advertising.

#4 Finish Each Product|Stop Being A Shopping Addict

Do the exercise of depriving yourself of buying things if you have similar products at home that still work, that is, do not buy another jersey (however great it seems) if you have another equal in another color. Do not buy anotherrimmel if the one you have at home is not finished yet. This can be tortuous at first but in time you will generate the habit.

#5 Stay Away from Promotions | Stop Being A Shopping Addict

It is not about buying everything at full price , but about making a quick assessment of what you need before you go in to buy anything. If you realize, every time you enter the store full ofdiscounts and offers, they promise you a rebate percentage, better than the previous month. You will always have the opportunity to get the item you want when you really need it.

#6 Take Advantage of Promotion Only |Stop Being A Shopping Addict

If you want to buy something discounted, as soon as you enter the store, ask where you can find it, because usually the bargains are in the last corner of the store , hidden and surrounded by other products at a higher price, you will want to buy. Go for what you want and forget about the rest.

#7 Do Not Complete the Promotion Price|Stop Being A Shopping Addict

Do not try to spend  the money you saved on thediscount product by buying something else, you will only fall into the stores’ sales strategy.

I hope you liked our article to avoid being ashopping addict. Thank you very much forchoosing us.