A Spiral Psychedelic with Custo Autumn/Winter

As always. And psychedelia, the colors mixed with or without connection, prints to strokes or jets are a thing of Custo. And the colourful bells also. Not in vain always immerse us in their own universe of a Kandinsky of fashion, with touches of much and all together and focuses backlit.

View a campaign from Custo, view all? Sometimes it would cost us to distinguish whether what we see is 2011, 2010 or 1990 but Custo does not sell trend, but its tendency. Today we review what is new campaign autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 that plunges us into a time tunnel that takes us to 70 with some touches of mad max and few others of psychedelia.

Models,  Julian Hennig y Dalianah show the proposals of the designer logo of the city of Barcelona and do so as always, with saturated colors, lights disc and long print 70, 2011, 2050? How to define you? Is that a plus a point against? There is no doubt what campaigns and Custo clothing are distinguished by themselves.

Mixtures of their campaigns, their hairstyles, their colors and patterns sometimes we become impossible but Custo is to take it slowly, sipped and cautiously.

Do you think you? He sold us a garment or an image? Are you makes appealing what you see or is everything so ornate that the clothes are lost in this psychedelic tunnel?