9 Summer Trends that Conquered the Female Wardrobe

Every season change is always accompanied by new trends, be it a piece of clothing, an incredible shoe or accessories full of style.

9 summer trends that conquered the female wardrobe

In the case of summer , what is not lacking are light and fresh productions, much dressed , shorts and skirts of all lengths. The goal is always to create a stylish look and very comfortable to face the hottest days.

But the trends of the hottest season of the year do not have to go along with it. Many pieces continue to be worn throughout the year and composing current and stylish looks.

With the help of style consultant Danyla Borobia, we have outlined some tips for you to use and abuse summer trends. Check out!

Shoulder to shoulder

The neckline shoulder to shoulder conquered the women’s wardrobe, after all, in addition to valuing the silhouette, it leaves the look with a lighter and delicate footprint.

“There is a wide range of fabrics and models, it is best to find one that pleases and values each woman’s body. The wider and bulky, with frills or bell-bottom sleeves, tend to leave the upper body larger, to balance the silhouette a good way out is to compose with tighter pants or skirts, “explains Danyla.

Slipper slide

The slides are synonymous with comfort and practicality, everything we need on warmer days. The consultant explains that the slide slipper has a casual and sporty footprint and can change the face of a look easily.

“Any look finished with this model of slipper, regardless of style, will have a fashionista footprint and more casual. For a more polished look the cool thing is to think about the family of colors, it is best to opt for monochromatic looks and more neutral colors, composing with the same color as the slipper “, ends Danyla.

Button skirt

This skirt model has a 70’s footprint and appears in various materials, jeans, leather, suede and assorted lengths as well. “To get away from the obvious, it’s best to compose it with t-shirts , tank tops with strappy or lace bra, more sophisticated, cropped top , mule, sneakers or slide. This skirt model pleases and compose versatile looks, “explains Danyla.


The pantacourt is a pair of shorts, because it ends up in the middle of the shin and is usually a little looser, another perfect item for summer days. Danyla gives some tips for looks with pantacourt: “monochromatic looks tend to lengthen and are a great request for this model, another trick is to compose with shoes in the color of the skin, and of course, we can not forget the high heels, which also help to give a feeling of more inches in the silhouette. “


In addition to the famous strappy bra, strappy bras, the strappy model also appears in modeling dresses and sweaters, and usually has a sexier air. “To versatilize and modernize the look worth composing with parts of the sports universe or masculine, the most fair top in the strappy model gets ares fashionistas when I overlay the shirt or white t-shirt,” says Danyla.

Striped dress

In summer all we want is practicality and fresh looks, so the dresses are always a good request. And the striped dresses are the season’s darlings. “In order to create more elegant and modern looks, it is a good idea to finish the production with metallic shoes, rose gold or gold, which can appear in sneakers , oxford , mule, slide, flatforms and so on”, says the style consultant.


This shoe model with the straight platform also became a darling summer item. For being versatile and comfortable, the flatform is a good request to complement the looks of the season. “The combo jeans and t-shirt leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and style and are the great bet to modernize the accessory,” says Danyla.

Acrylic Earrings

Bet right to give an extra charm in the visual. ” Acrylic earrings have a summer footprint, showcase casualty and creativity. The funniest or fruit-shaped models ensure a youthful look, while those with geometric shapes and more neutral colors make the look more modern, “explains the consultant. For those who do not want to dare the hint much is bet on more neutral and informal compositions.

White sneakers

Another item that is pure comfort for hot days. ” White sneakers continue to help women create cooler, more youthful productions. To give an updated one just compose with a stocking appearing, the color of the sock can match with some color of the detail of the sneakers, tops or dresses with frills or bell mouth sleeves will give fluidity and modernity to the look “, ends Danyla.