2016 Swimwear: Swimwear Thongs and Topless, Welcome Goodbye

The one-piece is back in fashion, just see the shop Windows. Thongs and topless for this year are only for the most aggressive because the fashion trend 2016 sea plans to go to the beach well covered. Until a few years ago unfortunately the whole costume was considered the ideal outfit for women of a certain age, and yet there are some very nice models, ideal for younger women. Fantasy and color, more mischievous and technical fabrics, these are just a few features that may have your bathing Suite. We begin immediately to find out what are the proposals for greater tendency for swimwear 2016 from a brand that stands for reliability for decades, Arena Beachwear, chose striped floral polka dot plots and retro style, designed for women who want to be perfect even on the seashore.

Yamamay instead has designed a capsule collection with fabric sculpting the body and contains the forms, even the most abundant, also protects from the Sun’s rays and ensures quick drying. From Loveble instead some glitter on one piece swimsuit jersey purple which adds a touch of charm and you can easily match also made. Among the other brands that tickle the female curiosity there is the Pearl whose flagship is a one-piece Lycra tulle inserts-profile, the raised effect in various color versions is recommended for holidays by the pool or by boat. From one extreme to the other here is that now we are featuring Parah, more historic brand of swimwear, beachwear line is colorful and printed years ‘ 70 conquered we at 365 fashion. And then could not miss Oysho, who became space among other cheap brands, the one-piece Palm no Underwire, no padding and with cross-back managed to displace the Calzedonia models, for a summer tropicana.

Finally we present Fuzzi, which appeals to a sector of the media age, with a one-piece in fantasy that combines black and bright tones of purple and lime, sensual connection to the neck and the delicate interplay on the front. And yet Petit Bateau, more vintage swimsuit swimwear 2016, ironic and very feminine stresses the breast forms. Inside there is a lining to prevent transparencies too sexy when you come out of the water.

To those who look good in swimsuits?

The whole costume becomes all, if you have a generous breasts you prefer a model with v-neck and cups support. Women with the physique can afford any kind of costume, but can have fun to show off the season’s most sought after models. For the curvy, category to which they belong many women, we recommend the model with scoop neckline and waist belt or geometric pattern. We really like the whole costume, do you know why? If the swimsuit season does not satisfy you, you can always hide the roundness accumulated during the winter.