2016 Summer Trends: Don’t Call Them Slippers

Leaving the House in slippers is a nightmare that all of us have done at least once in our lives. As sang Cinderella “I sogni son desideri” it often happens that we don’t want, even to see us on the street in slippers. Our days are marked by tighter rhythms and luckily fashion has decided to help us. 2016 Summer shoes are comfortable but woe to calling them slippers even though it took the form in every way.

Fashion is all about math, on the runways had been proposed in pajamas in deluxe version and historic signatures have not lost time, the Slipper couture now down is a must but we discover together what are the coolest models that every self-respecting fashionistas must have in the closet.

Let’s start with Alexander Wang who called the flagship of his slippers “Amelia”. The name resembles the grandmothers but woven calfskin and decorative studs give footwear the right touch. For more tender but the Aspen Mongolia of Pastel pink tone Avec Moderation handmade in Italy. The slippers that sell at the top are of Gucci, the Slipper Princetown in Renaissance style with the iconic terminal are ideal for those who are forced to stay in the Office with the heat of August. Marni instead preferred to dust off the classic fringed on the upper, while Frances Valentine points to a decidedly young audience with Chic Babouche Pauline lame often overlooked but which have an effect very trendy in summer. And then there’s Balenciaga that chose the Italian artisans and the lace for the slippers from the rate inaccessible and considered a real collector’s item.

The summer slippers made up their noses more than anyone because they are flat and open behind, but our feet are finally free and were not forced to wear the patches on the blisters. Obviously with the heel slippers eye that must be smooth and perfect!

Slippers as footwear: a little history

Before leaving we decided to take a step back in history because the couture slippers are not an invention of the designers. In ancient Rome it wore soccus which were very rich, the English clergy adopted them until the 10th century, with insets of Brocade and velvet. It seems that Queen Marie Antoinette had even 500 pairs. Carrie would become pale before her shoe rack. However the fashion of slippers he reached the high point in the Belle Epoque, when women’s legs and ankles were attracting all eyes. In the East the slippers are still widespread, among the trendy models in fact there are many Moroccan-inspired. And let us not forget that the slippers also like men, one of the supporters of the Chamber’s footwear Lapo Elkann, Scion of the Agnelli family known for its excesses fashionistas. We at 365moda like slipper man, minus the male couch potato, but that’s another story. And you dear friends of which slipper you? Please let us know in the comments.