2016 Summer Fashion Trends: Patterned Silk Shirt. How to Pair It

What is the most popular fabric? Certainly the silk because it embodies all the qualities you look for a woman: elegance and delicacy. Pleasant to the touch is very light on the skin, especially in summer. How many of you have a shirt of silk or a dress made of this fabric in the closet? Unfortunately, being very delicate, the shirt of silk is not an item of clothing that you can wear everyday, but there are occasions where you can’t really help it.

Among the fashion trends summer 2016 the shirt of silk in fantasy is a must, but before I discovered how to match it, let’s take a small step back, to the origins of the yarn. We at 365moda in addition to focus on latest trends we often make insights and today we decided to pay homage to the silk. What is the secret of this yarn that makes every shirt? You should know that the origins of silk have been handed down for millennia in the eastern lands, nobody knew his processing, but when the Byzantines they imported in Europe, Italians became skilled. Towns like Como, Palermo and Catanzaro, are considered even today of excellence with regard to the processing of silk.

The shirt of silk comes in many colors and styles, the floral patterns of last summer have given way to new pleas in law. The balances are close, online there are already many opportunities and you can take advantage of lower prices to make you a present. Ultra-feminine and trendy combination is the one with the skirt of the same fabric, but from the catwalks comes the tendency for 2016: the pants— those athletes. Contrast is sometimes excessive but it is appropriate to say: opposites attract. To overturn everything we thought Alessandro Michele Gucci followed by Chloe. The first match that we propose is the shirt of silk in fancy Equipment that bears the name of famous supermodel Kate Moss over trousers with embroidery of Gucci, to give a touch of color in addition try the bow model and geometric design handbag in Stella McCartney’s Adidas classic-inspired track pants with side zip.

A combo to be discovered instead is to consist of the sweatpants by Chloe with the shirt of silk that seem packaged by a little dressmaker Some years’ 70 yet is all the expert hands of Marc Jacobs. Delicious black flake, an outfit for summer evenings more suckers. Before exploring the latest combinations we propose you one with pants Adidas Jeremy Scott, made even more fashion prints pop. What do you think of the shirt of transparent silk with micro starlets of Saint Laurent and the pants of the sporty line of old kata originating from and Parker? Maybe it’s too excessive, as well as one of the outfits that really like at fashion blogger — technical pants Chloe and shirt of silk in animal prints of Versace. We leave you with the last boss to keep an eye on: Bottega Veneta shirt with fancy floral micro. Dusted off last summer’s white jeans and show off your Tan. See you soon with other fashion tips.