2016 Summer Fashion: the Return of the Wedges, Highest in Style

Fashion evolves and adapts to the needs of each season, clothing and accessories are reinvented following the new trends. Today we decided to focus on wedges. You should know that have existed for hundreds of years and have been proposed in all styles, from classic to sporty. Donate a few centimeters longer, as it serves to make the figure more slender and smooth, with an eye for style. The wedges are also much more convenient than the heels, the foot is stable and there is no risk of falling or pick up some wrong. Wearing them you feel at ease and also manages to smile.

The wedge came into fashion in 1938 thanks to Salvatore Ferragamo, the most iconic model is made of Cork. The stylist used it to functional requirements because in 30 the steel plate had an excessive fee. Ferragamo filled the space between sole and heel with the Cork, then enlightenment. Curved models, those still going through those thick and sculptural paintings. Even today, the wedge is a must but the version with white soles is the flagship model of the summer 2016. You can wear it with jeans with minidresses, Sigerson Morrison proposed the wedges with contrasting white and navy blue leather sole, from Primadonna instead new brand Made in Italy, sprouting bright flowers and texture, ideal for younger, Zara chose to dare with the gold.

Returning to the iconic Cork wedge , Carey and Jimmy Choo, two names greatly appreciated in the world of shoes addicted, they added some innovative details such as flap double face with chain and the Blue Suede kein. Very particular contrasts and the ankle straps which enhance the support and fit all women, even those who do not know how to walk on his heels. The colored wedge offers many more cues from print Gucci who applied the monogram, the strap and gold striped tie, blue and red. Cafè Noir is aimed at a female audience less fussy with sabot with rope wedge and contrasting embroidery, same material to H & M and suede inserts, while Pura Lopez experienced the raffia decidedly trendy.

As we said in the beginning, the wedges are the alternative to heels but we can’t leave you without our style tips. The wedges are fine with skirts and with long dresses and fluffy. Avoid tight fitting clothes and skirts that require a dress shoe. The classic combination is with skinny jeans, perfect for work. In this case choose less obvious models with closed toe, and if you want to give a sophisticated touch, opt for leather version. Women who choose the wedges have an edge but being very massive stars cannot be worn by all, who has not exactly thin ankles should avoid models with the strap or with the laces. And you of that wedge you?