2016 Shirts Trends: the New Victorian Age!

2016 shirts trends: Victorian-style shirts and more!

Among the trends 2016 shirts we find definitely, as already seen in catwalk, shirts with Victorian collar, or with a medium-high or long, stiff collar most often and curled. The shirt cuffs with puff sleeve are tight and tighten the wrist, while the sleeves are wide and broad, as is the entire garment. Lace adorn the chest, while bows (the latter have proved to be one of the latest trends in the hottest season of the year) and ribbons enliven the entire shirt, which is soft and not adherent to the feminine silhouette. Buttons made of fabric, instead, are positioned along the back or the front and often delicious ruffles radiate from the neck until the shirt, vertically, accompanying the central locking button. Shirts with Victorian collar gives a sense of sobriety and elegance and far from austere and strict, they create really original outfit.

Victorian style, among the trends 2016 shirts

This year the Victorian style covers not only the beloved shirts, yet packs a wide range of fashion garments such as dresses, jackets, cardigans and skirts for every occasion. Even the underwear, with bustiers, knickers and puffed shoulder, suffered from this particular flu, as well as shoes and bags. Already in the winter of 2015-16 we wore dresses, capes and coats in Victorian style, preferring majestic fabrics like velvet.

Pausing on shirts, found in various shades, available in the whiteness of white to red, as in the example of Fendi; from green to lilac; from cream to pink. No shortage of proposals in all black or black and white contrast. Ruffles are present on the shoulders or the chest. Small dots or floral prints make it even more valuable and original shirt.

Very vivid are those made of striped fabric. Austere and imposing are the Victorian shirts with long, rigid and high hills; romantic are those entirely in lace, with laces and lace or satin and tulle or chiffon.

Some can easily be paired with jeans or a flared (returned decisively to the fore), because more contemporary cut; others, however, are perfect to match in skirts and Pencil. Others have flared sleeves, large and wide; others are embellished with beads and buttons made from fine fabrics or still have retro décor and cameos that remind us of the past.

Print tapestry: Captivate us yet?

The Victorian aroused particular interest among the designers of the most prestigious fashion houses and beyond, who declined their creations in nineteenth-century style, revisiting blouses, shirts and skirts in New Victorian Age.

Many dresses also feature the Brocade and tapestry print, that both recalls the antique upholstered wing or damask rugs once … and that gives the clothes a chic and bon ton effect! The style Upholstery they met in spring 2015 and 2016 winter fashion … who knows if in 2017 we will reconfirm as trendy and cool! Apparently you and confirmation of this is the recent parade Miu Miu autumn winter 2016-2017: we anticipate that the maxi skirts will be in such fantasy!

And what do you weigh the Victorian style and print tapestry?



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